Why you should be packing a book bag for the holidays

The best book bags to bring with you on holiday can also help to preserve your books if you don’t have enough space to store them, a bookbag guru said on Saturday.

Trent D. Bakshi, founder of bookbag.com, told The Associated Press that books, even those you’re not planning to read, should be packed into sturdy, small bookbags.

“It’s a perfect time to bring a book, especially if you’re going to be reading at home and it’s not the best way to keep the book safe,” he said.

The book bag should have at least four layers, and should be padded, durable and comfortable.

The more layers, the more secure it will be, he said, and the more you can move around the book, so the bookbag becomes a “tool of survival.”

A good book bag can last for decades, but don’t try to keep all your books in one bag.

Bakshi said you should also keep them organized so you don.

“Don’t put all your book books in a single bag and hope they’re safe and secure,” he told the AP.

If you have to pack your book bag, a backpack should help you get all the books you need.

Baksha said the backpack should have “extra room for everything” and should have an organizer.

A backpack can store your books and other important documents, including keys, notes and phone numbers, as well as an air vent, he added.

A bookbag with pockets is also helpful, Bakshi said, because you can place books and small things like pens or pens and paper on it.

“If you’re a big person, then you can put things in your pockets or in the bag,” he added, explaining that you can’t put things like your wallet in the book bag.

Bakshi also recommended carrying a pen, pen nib, pencil, tape, a penknife and a paper clip, but said books can also be stored in a purse, notebook, or a small bookbag, if you have them.

“You should always have at your disposal a book that is a gift or you can take it with you, if that’s the case,” he warned.

“If you are an adventurous person and you want to get more, you should go ahead and take a book with you.”

Copyright Associated Press / NBC Chicago

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