Which players are getting more cash on the field?

Coach Crossbody: I love it because it helps us get those extra $50,000, which we need.

If you’re not a big fan of the players, I love to see them get some extra money.

It’s a lot of money for a young player.

You want to get those last two or three months of playing under your belt.

The big guys, they get that money.

The guys that don’t have it, they can’t play because they’re out of contract, or they’re on the books, so they’re getting the money that they need.

It helps them get out of debt and it’s good for the young players.

But, I’m really pleased with the way they’re being paid.

The only guy who hasn’t gotten paid is [quarterback] Ryan Lindley, and he’s not a good quarterback.

Coach CrossBody: There’s two ways you can say it.

The first is you can look at it like a bonus, because you get to pay that money to the players that are getting paid, so it’s nice.

I think the other way is you look at the money as a bonus.

There’s some teams, like the Patriots, who are getting big paydays out of the deal.

It might be the right way to go.

The biggest thing that they got was the $50 million for [quarterbacks] Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett, and that money is going to help them to go into the future.

They have the same amount of money that we do.

Coach Ross: The Patriots had the best signing of all time.

They got $50m for Tom Brady.

They didn’t get the $30m for Ryan Mallet, so I think they got a big payoff.

Coach Darnell: They had a lot more than $50 to spend.

We had a chance to spend $20 million, but we wanted to spend more than that.

Coach Lattimore: We thought, ‘Why don’t we just buy this franchise?’

They did it, but it wasn’t done until they were done with the stadium.

Coach Stump: It was an unbelievable deal for us, especially in the early years, and I know they’re really proud of the stadium, so we’ll be proud of them for doing it.

Coach Jobe: They got an opportunity to build a new stadium and they took advantage of that.

We’re proud of that and it just shows that they did what they wanted to do.

It doesn’t hurt that they were able to put the money toward a stadium.

We know they had the right people in place, but you just can’t make those decisions on a franchise without having the right staff and the right guys around you.

Coach Robinson: It’s very hard to sign free agents to teams, but there’s a team out there that has the money, and they’ve got a great plan.

They want to bring in a guy that can win championships and they want to give him the money.

Coach Cavanaugh: The only team that hasn’t been able to do it is the Giants.

Coach Kiffin: We have some good, young players that we’re going to get to.

They’re a young team and they’re young in the right direction, so hopefully we can do it.

It was really hard to get this done, but the guys have done a great job.

Coach Cooper: I think it’s great for them.

I love that the fans want to support them.

Coach Ziegler: It doesn’st hurt that we have the facilities and the equipment.

It didn’t hurt at all.

We put a lot into this stadium and that’s a good thing for us.

Coach Hurney: We had our first draft in six years and the draft was a disaster.

It sucked.

We got some guys that we think are really talented and they’ll help us win games.

Coach Blanchard: The fans love to support us, and we’ve got good, hungry fans.

It worked out really well for us and I think our fans are excited about the future of the franchise.

Coach Bowers: I’m glad they did it.

They had the opportunity to get some young players and they did that.

I’m excited about our guys.

Coach Toney: We made some changes to our coaching staff, but I love the coaches.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot in my life.

I get to coach my kids and I get a chance every single day to help my kids grow up and be better.

Coach Sperber: I want to say that I don’t know why they didn’t do it in the first place, because they really put a great deal of work into it.

We didn’t have any of those other teams that had the money to do this.

Coach Shula: The stadium, we’re excited about it.

I like the money and I’m looking forward to having the facilities that we had when I was