When you buy an Apple Watch, you’ll probably need a unicorn to do it.

A few years ago, the iPhone maker introduced a version of the Watch that had a special accessory that looked like a unicorn.

It included a “trident” or “tongue” that protruded from the case, and it was designed to look like a “ponytail” to help users differentiate it from the rest of the iPhone.

It was a clever trick, and Apple eventually added a unicorn badge to the iPhone to make it look like it was a unicorn in the first place.

While Apple’s accessory might seem like a silly gimmick, it was one that made the Watch more recognizable, and was a boon for Apple’s brand, according to a new report from IDG News Service.

The Watch has also been a boon to Apple’s reputation among millennials, the people who make up the most of the $10 billion market for smartwatches.

With its unique design, the unicorn-pony-tongued Watch seemed to have a positive effect on its success among millennials.

“Apple’s iPhone Watch, while it has some of the most compelling, unique and useful features, has also become a great marketing vehicle for the company’s brand,” IDG’s Adam Rippon wrote.

Apple has been able to capitalize on its brand image by offering its Watch to a wide range of different users.

For example, the company has sold the Watch to people who want a more traditional, cheaper version of it, as well as to people interested in getting an iPhone 7 with a “unicorn”-inspired case.

In the meantime, Apple Watch sales have slowed significantly, and the Watch is not seeing as much consumer interest as it did a year ago, according.

A study by the research firm Nielsen found that Apple Watch has dropped 13 percent in the past year, according the same IDG report.

The study found that the number of people who buy the Watch has actually fallen since 2016, when it saw its share of the smartwatch market increase to 40 percent from 38 percent.

However, IDG reported that Apple did not have a bad quarter, as it had the best quarterly financial performance of any smartphone maker, according a report from ZDNet.

IDG also said that Apple reported $2.7 billion in revenue for the third quarter, compared to $2 billion for the year-ago period.

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