What to do if you lose your gucci purse

Gucci and its flagship line, the Gucci Parka, are the brands most recognisable, but they are also hugely popular with other consumers.

A new report from research firm Kantar Worldpanel finds that the brand’s sales are up 14% over the last year.

It also found that gucci purses accounted for nearly a quarter of all luxury goods sold globally in 2016.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from theft.


Always carry cash at all times 2.

Wear gloves and a mask when taking bags from the bag to the counter 3.

Avoid touching your wallet when you are not carrying it 4.

Always check your bags before leaving the store 5.

Avoid the use of credit cards 6.

Know where you can access your personal information, including credit card numbers 7.

If you’re not sure where you are, check the ATM at the end of the shopping day 8.

Know that there is no such thing as a perfect time to go to a shopping centre 9.

Know what you can wear when you’re at the mall 10.

Never give a credit card away 11.

Never go into a shopping mall with your phone, purse, wallet, laptop or other electronic device in your pocket or pocket bag 12.

Use the public transport system 13.

Be wary of a purse that looks like a bag, but is actually a bag with an additional bag 13.

Avoid wearing jewelry or jewellery accessories that can easily be stolen 14.

Always take your purse to the ATM for a receipt 15.

If it looks like the purse is stolen, you can get a replacement bag at a nearby bank or credit union 16.

Do not wear gloves or a mask while handling purses 17.

Always make sure your phone and purse is in good condition and that there are no fingerprints on it 18.

Do your best to ensure that you’re always on the lookout for stolen purses 19.

Always wear sunglasses or face coverings 20.

Wear a hat to protect your eyes 21.

Do take your shoes off at the checkout 22.

Always be aware of the people you are dealing with 23.

Be aware of your surroundings 24.

Always leave cash and other valuables at home 25.

If someone is harassing you, call the police 26.

Always try and keep your wallet in your hand and in your wallet 27.

If an alarm sounds, run to the door or back to the store before entering 28.

Always keep your cash in your hands and your credit cards in your purse 29.

Always ensure that cash is visible to the public 30.

Keep cash in a safe location and use a security deposit box for your cash 31.

Avoid carrying cash in public and keep it at home 32.

Do bring your purse or laptop to a secure location and only use it at your home 33.

Never leave your purse unattended or unattended in a parking lot 34.

Avoid walking in the street at night and at night-time 35.

Avoid being in crowded areas and avoid crowds of people 36.

If in doubt, always ask someone who has been affected by theft 37.

Always use a safe place for your credit card when making payments 38.

Avoid using your credit or debit card on online stores or other online transactions 39.

Avoid credit card applications in public places and on social media 40.

Avoid making purchases on social networking sites 41.

Never use your credit in restaurants 42.

Never open or close any door in a restaurant 43.

Do leave a note or a note in a bag when leaving a restaurant or hotel 44.

Do check with your bank before making a payment 45.

Never carry your wallet into a bank 46.

Always remember to close all credit card accounts 47.

Always lock your car doors 48.

Never wear sunglasses in public 49.

Do keep your purse and purse bag away from your eyes 50.

Do wear a mask if you need to work out 51.

Do always take your phone with you 52.

Never drive with your eyes closed 53.

Do use an earphone 54.

Always pay with a mobile device when shopping or doing business 55.

Avoid any contact with cash, cashier’s check or other cash on arrival 56.

Avoid giving cash to a stranger 57.

Never accept cash in the bank 58.

Never pay with cash in hand 59.

Always bring a receipt for your purchases 60.

Always store your credit and debit cards inside your wallet 61.

Never hold cash in front of a cashier 62.

Do never carry cash in any of your pockets 63.

Do remember to put money in a wallet if you want to withdraw it 64.

Do store your money in the same wallet as you keep your credit/debit cards 65.

Never keep cash in someone else’s wallet 66.

Never store cash in an unlocked mobile phone 67.

Always have a copy of your credit statement on hand before leaving your bank 68.

Do carry a copy in your car 69.

Do change your credit limit every month 70.

Do pay your bills on time 71.

Never share your credit on social networks 72.

Always change your password on