Watch this incredible video about the world’s most expensive purse

It’s been more than 10 years since this purse made headlines.

The “purse of the gods” has a whopping $16,600 purse purse in Spanish, the highest price ever paid for an item in the purse industry.

The purse, which is called a chicharron, was created by the company Chicharral, which was founded by Francisco Javier de la Torre.

“The chichara is a small purse that is made of clay and covered in beads and precious stones,” according to a press release.

“It was inspired by the gods and by a dream.

We used clay for its strength, durability and purity.

It was also a way to protect the wearer from harm and protect his or her wealth.”

The purse is made from an ancient ceramic, the first known known example of the material in use at that time.

Its design has become a collector’s item, with more than 5,000 sold in its first year of sale.

It is now on display at the Museo de Arte Artes, Madrid, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Chichara was made by the Chichalón Cuauhtémoc, a small craftsman who lives in the city of Oaxaca.

According to the press release, the purse was designed to be worn by a wealthy woman.

It also contains a gold purse clasp.

The design is the first in a line of “wedding” purses and was made to resemble a “chicharón” or god’s purse.

According the press, the chicharcot is an emblem of wealth, beauty, power, and fertility.

A chicharrón is also a symbol of the woman, a goddess or a godess, according to Chicharo.

“We have a very strong connection to the Chancharral,” said Juan Carlos Gonzalez, a Chicharon Cuauh.

“If we were to create a different purse, the price would be much higher, because it’s a work of art.

But we have been creating them for many years and they have a good future.”