Louboutin Florence is bringing back the mini backpack and louis vuxitton purse to the US

Louboutsin Florence announced this week that it is bringing the mini-backpack back to the U.S. for a limited time, but only for customers with a UL number of 9 or above.

The new Florence purse, a limited edition of 20, will only be available at Loubons boutique in New York City starting Feb. 9.

It will be priced at $149.95 (US).

The Florence purse is a lighter and more streamlined version of the Florence line, with an 18.5-ounce (457-gsm) black leather bag with a handle and two handles on either side.

The Florence purse also has a small purse pocket that fits a standard purse.

A Florence bag is an extra-large pouch that fits in your purse and is often used as a pocket for a credit card or other keycard.

Florence has previously introduced a new purse, the Florence Pro, that is a smaller version of a larger bag.

The Florence Pro features a padded back with a metal strap and two handlebars.

The pouch pocket is a pocket that opens with a lever that attaches to the back of the purse.

The Loubon Florence is a purse that Loub outfitted with two small pockets, a small pocket and a leather handlebar.

The Loubont Florence is priced at just $150 (US) and is available in white, rose gold and white, purple, green and red.