How to win the Premier League with a rainbow coach purse

You’ve probably heard of a rainbow jersey.

It’s worn by the top players of the top flight.

But how much do you need to spend on one?

BBC Sport’s Simon Stone investigates the most expensive jerseys.


Manchester United – £7.5m The club has gone out of its way to get you in its jersey.

But the cost of wearing it is £7,500,000.

That’s the cost that the Premier Leagues club paid to get the jersey.

Manchester’s former manager David Moyes, now at Aston Villa, wore a purple jersey in the 2005-06 season.

It cost him a further £500,00.

What makes it even more expensive is that it’s a Manchester shirt.

It has to be red.

United’s new home shirt, which is due to be unveiled in August, will feature a black jersey.

United has been selling the new home kit, which features a gold badge, on a monthly basis, and the club has been able to afford to do so despite the fact that the shirt is not a Manchester product.

It costs the club £2.7m per year.

If you want to be the first to own one, United will be offering you £7m.


Manchester City – £1.2m Manchester City have a rainbow sponsor in their new home jersey.

The jersey features the words “City of Champions” printed in yellow.

It is the only Premier League jersey to feature that number.

City will be selling it at £1,200 per jersey.


Arsenal – £959,917 Arsenal’s new jersey will feature the number 11 on the front and the words Arsenal on the back.

It will cost Arsenal £929,919.

Arsenal have already sold a number of kits in this season’s transfer window, but the shirt that will be on sale next year will be the team’s new one.

It features a white shirt with the numbers 11 and the phrase “The Arsenal Football Club”.


Manchester Utd – £800,000 Manchester United have a new home logo that will feature an arrow in the centre.

It reads “United v Manchester United.”

The shirt has been a Manchester team shirt since 2004 and has gone through a number a different logos.

The first to feature the new logo was in 2006, and it was used until the 2013-14 season.

The number 11 is the same as the number that Manchester United are currently wearing.


Southampton – £700,000 Southampton’s new shirt will feature three lines: a black, white and red.

The shirt is the club’s sixth kit to feature a number 11.

The club is currently selling shirts featuring a yellow number 11 but the club is set to unveil a new kit that will include a red number 11 this season.


West Ham – £300,000 The Hammers’ new kit is being made with the same colours as the team shirts they currently wear.

They’re called “Stadio Olimpico” and it’s the third kit that has a white strip running from the chest to the neck.

West Hams boss Slaven Bilic has said that his team is going to be wearing a red shirt next season.


Manchester Chelsea – £750,000 Chelsea’s new kit features three lines that run from the bottom of the shirt to the top of the shorts.

It also features the numbers 3 and 6 on the chest, as well as the word “Chelsea” on the left side.

The numbers 3, 6 and “Chelsea FC” are all written in black on the shirt.


Tottenham Hotspur – £400,000 Tottenham’s new kits are made with black and white stripes on the sleeves and back.

The black strips will be worn by Spurs players.


Everton – £350,000 Everton’s new jerseys are made from a blend of white, grey and red colours.

The jerseys are white shirts with a blue strip running down the back of the jersey and the number 3 on the top.


Manchester U18s – £250,000 If you’re buying a new shirt this summer, you’ll need to shell out £250 to get it.

It all depends on what type of jersey you want.

You can get a £30 kit from Premier League club Everton, or from Championship club West Ham.

Here’s how to pick the best £50 jersey for a player.

1: Manchester United Manchester United is Manchester United.

It doesn’t have a home kit that features a number, but it does have a number that has been used by the club since it began its inaugural season in 2002.

The current kit features a yellow, white, blue and red number on the right sleeve and the numbers 4, 7, 10, 14, 20, 23 and 25 on the sleeve.

The new shirt features a black number on top, and a yellow stripe running down from the back to the chest.

The top of that number is

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