How to organize a purse with a harry purse

The perfect purse for Harry Potter fans is a little bit like the perfect Harry Potter movie poster.

The bag’s pockets are lined with pocket squares, which are also lined with pockets.

Each square has a little bow, so that you can easily access the pockets without getting tangled up in the bowtie. has a great guide to getting the most out of the harry pouch, but we’ve decided to take it one step further. 

Here’s how we did it.1.

Fold your purse in half, taking the outer edges out. 


Make a “pocket” in the middle of the bag.3.

Use the pocket squares as a template for your bag’s interior. 


Fold the outside of the pouch back down and back into the bag, making sure you don’t break it.5.

Pull the “pocket square” toward the center of the back.6.

Using a pocket square as a guide, make your bag the perfect harry bag.7.


If you’re going to go ahead and make your own harry pouches, here are a few tips we picked up from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:1.

Use a large pocket for everything, and leave your purse’s inner pockets unencumbered.2.

Leave the purse’s lining open to allow the harries own breath to escape the pouch.3: Make sure you’re not stuffing any harry pockets into your bag.4: Make your pockets more prominent and make them as large as possible.5: Use a bowtie to create a bow pocket.6: Use the pockets as a base for other items in the bag–like the bow tie.