How to make your purse your own

HARDWARE and apparel manufacturer PursePurse is making purses that are your own, in the fashion of classic, hand-me-downs.

It’s not just a new trend; Purse is selling purses made from its patented crossbody phone case, which is designed to fold over the wearer’s hands.

You can get a few samples and take them home, but you’re limited to a few colors of the black and white ones.

Purse said it would sell about 3,000 of the new case, and it’s still expanding to other fabrics.

You can order a purse online for about $100 to $200.

A similar purse is called the Crossbody phone and it comes in black and gray, white and purple.

Purse also sells purses with a pocket and a strap.

If you want something a little different, the company is working on a purse with a “poker-style” pouch.

The pouch will be made from a polyester-coated polyester material, which helps the pouch keep its shape even when you put your hand into the pocket.

It will be about 3 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

The phone case will also come with a pouch and a pocket. is owned by the company’s parent company, Purse Inc., which is based in the Chicago area.

The purses are designed to be as light as possible and durable.

The case can be made of a soft plastic material, a rubber or leather material, and can be lined with polyester.

You can customize the look of the purse using two different colors of polyester and one color of leather.

The phone case and pouch are made of the same material. has two sizes: Small and Medium.

Small purses will have a length of just under 8 inches.

Medium purses have a long length of 9.5 inches.

Purpose purses from Purse are made to look as though they are made for your business or home, not to hold cash.

The purpose purse is made from an acrylic plastic that will hold your phone, a small laptop, or a purse strap.

The purse case can hold up to four cards.

The pockets on the phone case can fit up to eight cards.

PurgePurse purses come in a variety of colors.

You could get the black purse in black or the purple purse in purple.

You also can get two different sizes. 

The company is also developing a pouch that can hold a phone, an iPad, a laptop, a bag, or other accessories.

Pursey will be launching the Pursey Purse in December and the Purseyspursey purse in February.

The PurseyPurse will have black and purple purses and the Purple Purse will come in white and black.

Purseyspurseyspurayspuryspurys Pursey is available online for $100, but the company has plans to sell its purses in stores and online.