How to crossbody with a purse

By Kate GompertzIn a world where everyone’s purse is a bit bigger, there are some tips and tricks for crossingbody safely.

For those who prefer to use a purse as a body part, here’s a few pointers.

If you’re feeling like the shape is a little bit too small, consider adding a little more cushion or padding to the side of the body to help keep your body more stable.

This will also allow you to stretch your legs more freely.

If your purse is going to be used for a long time, consider getting some padding to help hold it up.

This will also give you more control of how it is used.

If it’s going to become a part of your everyday outfit, consider making it more wearable.

If you want to wear it under a skirt or dress, consider wearing it over your shirt and tights.

For the ladies, consider taking your purse to the gym and taking it out to the pool.

You could do this by pulling out a towel or some soft material.

This way you won’t need to carry it around.

If the shape doesn’t feel right, it’s possible you might have too much cushion in your purse.

If that’s the case, consider changing the shape of your purse so that it’s a little wider, narrower or more streamlined.

You may want to consider adding extra padding on the back to help support your weight.