‘Guns don’t kill people’: NRA president calls on gun-control advocates to ‘stop talking’

The National Rifle Association President, Wayne LaPierre, says gun control advocates need to stop talking about mass shootings.

LaPierre made the comments in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday, where he said he was “furious” about the violence in Las Vegas.

He said gun control would not solve the problem.

“What you see in Las Vegas is what happens when you put a gun to someone’s head, that’s what we saw in San Bernardino,” LaPierre said.

“What you saw in Colorado is what happened in Las Vegas.

You see it with Aurora.

And what you see with Charleston is what we see in Chicago.

We saw it in Aurora.

The violence, the gun violence, in the last four years has been on a plateau for the last two years.

It is now at a peak.”

LaPierre also said he believes gun owners need to do more to protect themselves.

“If I had a gun, I would protect myself,” LaPaso said.

“You don’t want your wife or your daughter or your son or your brother to have a gun in their home,” he said.

The NRA president said he doesn’t support “assault weapons,” but did not specify what kind of weapons he would ban.

“There is a long list of the weapons that are prohibited by the federal government.

We’re going to take the guns out of the hands of criminals, criminals that are committing crimes.

We’ll take the weapons off the streets, and we’ll put a moratorium on the sale of guns, and I believe we’ll get it done,” LaPre said.