Cork cat is on the loose after being left outside

Cork cat was left outside in the rain for almost three hours before a woman realised she was holding it in her purse.

The incident happened in a small park in Kildare Street at the weekend.

The woman, who does not want to be named, said she was inside the park on Saturday afternoon when she noticed the cat outside.

The cat wandered into the park for about 30 minutes before she took the cat inside.

She said the cat was very hungry and she thought she might feed it a bowl.

“I just thought I’d feed it and it seemed really nice, so I let it out and I thought it might be OK,” she said.

“But as it walked away, I went to look at it and there was this cat.

I was very worried, because I thought maybe the cat wasn’t hungry and I was holding the cat in my hand.”

Ms McGowan said she tried to take the cat back inside but the cat bit her hand.

“It was all over my hand and I went and saw the gardai and they were like, ‘we’ve got a cat here’, and then the cat just went on and on and I couldn’t stop crying,” she added.

Ms McGowans dog had also been in the park at the time.

She and her dog got into a fight and Ms McGowan feared the cat would bite the dog, which was outside in her yard.

The dog then escaped and Ms McGee said the animal ran up the hill towards the road.

Ms McGee said she felt she needed to do something to get the cat off her hands.

“At first I thought I was going to call the police and they’d come and take the dog and I could take the f*** out of it,” she told the Herald.

“Then I realised it’s not like the cat is going to leave the house and I’m not going to be able to control it, so you need to do what you need in the moment to get it off my hands.”

Ms McGee, who has a cat named Chirley, said the incident had been upsetting and upsetting to her and her partner.

“She’s very upset, but she’s also very proud of her cat, so she’s happy that it’s safe and sound,” she explained.