Burberry purse makes it look like Liz Claiborne has been in a wheelchair for years

LONDON — Burberry has launched a new purse that makes it appear that Liz Claiberne has been living with a neurological disability for years.

The purse, which goes on sale in Britain today, features the silhouette of a wheelchair, which Claiborne’s team has created for the charity.

The silhouette is meant to evoke the look of someone with a disability, and the wheelchair has been given a soft, padded feel, according to Burberry.

The company is using Claiborens image in the video to raise awareness about the plight of people with a range of disabilities, the charity said in a statement.

“As one of the most iconic women in fashion, Liz has always been at the forefront of the fight against inequality and poverty, and this latest partnership with Burberry is part of a wider effort to empower the millions of people living with disabilities around the world,” Claiborg said in the statement.

The brand says the purse, with a weight of about 8 pounds, is designed to help people with disabilities manage daily tasks and has an extra layer of cushioning to help the wearer maintain control.

“We’ve designed the purse to help make the wheelchair feel comfortable and make it feel like it’s really there,” a Burberry spokeswoman said.

The cushioning on the back of the purse is a combination of different materials, including foam, cloth, and nylon.

The charity said that the cushioning is part a series of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people like Claibolene, a former model and actress.