A small purse dog has become an internet sensation

Goya Pocket Pet has become a viral hit after it was featured in the Daily Mail, the MailOnline and the Guardian.

The little pet was featured as part of a ‘Puppy Day’ campaign which featured puppies in cute outfits and cute stickers, all in a bid to raise awareness of the health benefits of tiny purses.

The Daily Mail shared a photo of the dog with the headline ‘Small purse dog is a meme’.

The article also said the dog’s popularity was due to the fact that ‘the cute stickers on the purse are perfect for making small pets appear more real’.

The Daily Mirror said the Doggie Day hashtag was trending and the dog was also featured in a ‘Pet Rescue’ video.

Goya Pocket was designed by a student who wants to make pets seem more real and the pet’s name is Goya, a reference to the word ‘goya’.

The Doggie Days campaign was launched in November this year to encourage people to adopt pets and encourage people who are reluctant to adopt to adopt their pet.

Goya was named after the dog of the same name.

It has also received positive feedback from social media users, with some calling the Doggy Day campaign the ‘first ever dog’ campaign and others saying the dog is the ‘fantastic mascot’ for the cause.

Since the campaign began, the hashtag has been retweeted over 10 million times.