A look at the new Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Edition

NEW YORK — Nike has unveiled the Nike Air Jordans 11 Retro edition of the shoe, a version of the popular sneaker that was released a year ago.

The Nike Air Air Jordan 1 Retro Edition is a classic white version of Nike Air Force 1 and features a black and white color scheme, the iconic Air Jordan branding, and a midsole that is black, white, and red.

A pair of black, yellow, and orange Air Jordan sneakers are available now.

Nike has also released a new line of retro sneakers called the Nike Sportswear Retro Collection.

These retro sneakers are inspired by the legendary Nike Air Speed Trainer and the original Air Jordan shoe, and are made from lightweight canvas, leather, and cotton materials that are also durable and comfortable.

“The Air Jordan line is the ultimate athletic shoe that has been around for over 20 years,” said Nike CEO Mark Parker.

“It’s the inspiration behind our Retro Collection, which will be released exclusively through Nike SportSwear in early 2017.

We know that everyone has been dreaming of a day when they can walk away from the comfort of their everyday shoes and embrace the excitement of the modern lifestyle.

With the new Retro Collection from Nike, that day is here.”

The Nike Sport Swear Retro collection is available now at select Nike retailers and Nike.com.